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Who Is Canine United?
Why Canine United? Ryan - Owner, Certified Dog Trainer

Ryan is a father and full-time Certified Dog Trainer that attended the International Academy Of Canine Trainers locally in Delta B.C, and graduated with an almost perfect grade of 98.6% overall. Ryan has his Level 1 and Level 2 and is a Canine Behaviour Specialist. Everything was in a classroom setting, local animal shelters, as well as in-home and on-site personal client environments, and included monitoring and assisting with Puppy Classes, Obedience Classes (levels 1, 2 and 3), Dog Agility, and Doggy Daycare. Absolutely nothing was online, and the International Academy of Canine Trainers is a fully registered institution with the BC Ministry of Advanced Education. Ryan is very involved in continuing his own education, keeping up-to-date, and furthering everyone's knowledge in the field.

We have training in:

  • History of Dog TrainingHistory of Dog Training
  • Evolution of Dog TrainingEvolution of Dog Training
  • Dog Breed, & Dog Breed GroupsDog Breed, & Dog Breed Groups
  • Classical ConditioningClassical Conditioning
  • Operant ConditioningOperant Conditioning
  • LuringLuring
  • ExtinctionExtinction
  • ShapingShaping
  • Reinforcement Schedules & TimingReinforcement Schedules & Timing
  • Assessing Dog PersonalitiesAssessing Dog Personalities
  • ProofingProofing
  • Proper Training EquipmentProper Training Equipment
  • Behavioural AssessmentsBehavioural Assessments
  • Training EvaluationsTraining Evaluations
  • Vaccinations, spaying & neuteringVaccinations, spaying & neutering
  • Psychology protocols for Dog BehavioursPsychology protocols for Dog Behaviours
  • Understanding Leadership & Pack OrganizationUnderstanding Leadership & Pack Organization
  • Why Canine United?Preventing & Correcting Behavioural Problems
  • Why Canine United?Clicker Training
  • Why Canine United?Habituation
  • Why Canine United?Desensitization
  • Why Canine United?Flooding
  • Why Canine United?Counter Conditioning
  • Why Canine United?Socialization
  • Why Canine United?Canine Communication
  • Why Canine United?Dog Body Language Signals
  • Why Canine United?Canine Safe Handling Techniques
  • Why Canine United?Diet and relation to behaviour
  • Why Canine United?Development Stages & Socialization
  • Why Canine United?Reactive Dogs & Dog to Dog Aggression
  • Why Canine United?Command Training & Troubleshooting
  • Why Canine United?Creating Training Plans for all dog personalities
  • Why Canine United?Psychology of Canines

Obviously this is not a complete list as we cannot list everything we've studied (and continue to), but we do believe it's important that we train hands-on and with all types of dogs.


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