Dog to Dog Aggression,


Fears & Phobias

    Dog to Dog Aggression
    Dog to Dog Aggression Stressfull For Everyone

    Dog to dog aggression is very stressful for the animal and the owner. It puts the dog in a fearful, aggressive, panic, stressed, nervous state, and is always on guard and worried. Same goes for the owner as well; being stressed out because you can’t walk your dog near other dogs and go for a nice walk. Same goes for when you take your dog to the dog park, have other people and dogs over to your house, can’t go to normal doggy daycare (because the dog has to be separated and alone), and just can’t go anywhere because the both of you don’t feel safe, happy and relaxed. Of course the worse case scenario, there is a dog fight and someone gets bitten, then there can be lawsuits, fines, or your dog gets confiscated and may need to be put down because it’s now classed as ‘aggressive’, and can not be re-adopted.

    Dog Aggression

    On a positive note, dog to dog aggression can be cured or at least minimized to a manageable state, where the owner and dog are not out of control and dangerous. How this works is, you need to have a professional certified trainer in this field and with special behaviour modification, psychology, training for the dog, special training equipment including a special rehabilitation dog to use with the aggressive dog. With time and patience this works very well to achieve great results.

    Please note…. There are a lot of pop up classes and workshops for this all over the city, where they have a class full of these dogs. If you have a dog with dog to dog aggression, you do not put them in a room with other dogs that have this problem as well. That is ridiculous! What will happen is, it will take longer for the dog to overcome their problem, cost you more overall for training, maybe give the dog a traumatic experience, and it will never overcome this problem. It will be a very frustrating time and waste of money with all the dogs trying to harm or kill each other.

    How this program works, is the same as my training program “please click here”, as dog to dog aggression gets incorporated into the training program with no extra cost or charges.

    Major Fears & Phobias
    Major Fears & Phobias Distracting & Upsetting

    Major fears and phobias are very distracting and upsetting to a dog, as well as the owner. Same with dog to dog aggression; the dog is stressed out, worried, on guard and in a fearful state. It can be anything that scares or spooks a dog; water, cars, alarm clocks, to even a cucumber. Since dogs behave differently than humans, it’s very easy for a dog to have a traumatic experience related to something, making it harder to fix the problem because it’s now a traumatic experience that has been escalated, rather than just a fear. An example would be: if you had a dog that was never afraid of electrical cords, then one day walks over them and a back leg gets caught in the cords, the dog gets trapped and spooks for a second. Now the dog has a fear of cords, and every time the dog goes near them, he/she has fear and won’t want to walk over them or go near them anymore. It can happen with anything at anytime. As with dog to dog aggression, again, with time patience and practice, it can be cured or at least minimized to a manageable state. One-on-one training with a certified trainer (who has studied major fears and phobias, has special training equipment, and a behavioural and psychological rehabilitation training program) is the most direct method to address your dog’s issues and produces the most successful results.

    How this program works, is the same as with our training program “please click here”, as fears and phobias get incorporated into the training program with no extra cost or charges.


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